Monday, March 5, 2012

“Yonder” Photograph

Although westerners make up a significant proportion of the street market wanderers in Chiang Mai I find that I am far more drawn to take pictures of the Asians. Maybe it is something to do with finding “difference” more interesting so that as a European I find Asian faces more photogenic. However, I suspect it is also to do with culture as I carry a subconscious feeling that a westerner is more likely to react unpleasantly if they notice me taking their photograph without asking first. A Thai person might not be happy about it but would not confront me and a quick smile from me would be sufficiently placating.

But sometimes I do “risk” photographing the fierce foreigners and manage to survive.

“Yonder” is also one of my favorite words.

Photograph taken at “Sunday Walking Street”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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