Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“Male Humor” Photograph

The woman in the background, of course, was not actually “shhhhh’ing” these three men as they enjoyed a joke together. I’m sure she was just pondering what to do next. However, the fact that she is there with her finger up to her mouth adds another dimension to the photograph, one that I certainly didn’t notice when I took it. Making my own photographic luck again.

From a compositional point of view it’s interesting to follow where your eyes go when looking at this picture. Mine go to the middle man’s face, then to the face of the man to the right, then over to the face of the third man. These three faces and the way they are pointing form a nice circuit for the eye which then wanders to other things like the tee-shirts and woman behind, returning again to the men’s faces.

But now I’m stuck wondering why I should never trust a hippie.

Photograph taken at “Saturday Walking Street”, Chiang Mai, Thailand


  1. My eye took in the mocking laughter and the movement of the hand belonging to the man on the left and assumed they were laughing at your "hidden" camera.

  2. Yeah, obviously Nikon guys unimpressed by my Canon