Wednesday, March 21, 2012

“Missed the Toes!” Photograph

This photograph of a sleeping man in Bangkok’s Chinatown illustrates one of the potential pitfalls of taking photos by shooting from the hip as I do. It would be a better picture if the whole foot had been included but I accidentally cut the toes off.

However, the pitfall isn’t that it’s hard to compose a picture when shooting from the hip (which, of course, is true), the pitfall is that I shot from the hip at all. The man’s asleep! I could easily have looked through the viewfinder and composed the shot more careful without any risk of him changing from his natural expression. Apparently once I’m in the groove of shooting from the hip it becomes automatic and I forget that I have a choice.

However, it is also true that I was worried that he might suddenly wake-up and not take kindly to having a camera poked at him so took a very quick picture and moved on.

Photograph taken in Yaowarat, Bangkok, Thailand

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