The Equipment

I own three working cameras:

Canon Powershot S95 - very good quality for a pocket camera and so easy to use with this style of photography. Never need to miss an opportunity.

Nikon D300 (DSLR) – a big step up in quality but more easily noticed by people than the Powershot, too heavy to use one-handed like this without a shoulder strap, and not easy to switch between portrait and landscape orientation quickly.

Canon 5D MkII (DSLR) – as with the Nikon D300 but another step up in quality.

The Powershot is clearly the winner for convenience but the DSLRs produce better quality images that are plenty big enough to be cropped to improve composition so if I go out specifically to take photographs I take the Canon 5D MkII, if I’m out shopping or dining it’s more likely to be the Powershot (the D300 is semi-retired).

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