Tuesday, January 17, 2012

“Silver Stray” Photograph

I’m not sure whether it is right to call this animal a “stray” or not. It lives at one of Chiang Mai’s many (many, many) temples where it gets some food, care and attention, but also the chance to spend it’s days as it wants and socialize with other dogs. It may have started life as a household pet that was abandoned and in that sense is a stray but now seems to fit a niche that is not quite pet, not quite stray.

When I visited this temple there were about a dozen dogs living there, all looking quite fit and healthy. Only one of these didn’t like my presence and nervously approached me barking. It came out of the caretaker’s hut where it clearly lived and was the only one that could be called a pet in the usual sense. All the “strays” were more relaxed and ignored me even when I knelt down and took photographs (they also ignored the slightly neurotic pet when it started barking).

If you are interested in the stray dog issue then you might be interested in my other blog http://strayview.blogspot.com/ .

Photograph taken at Wat Mueng San (temple), Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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