Thursday, January 26, 2012

“Friendly Shadows” Photograph

I had walked down to the end of the “Walking Street” market enjoying the sun behind my back and the good photo opportunities that that produces but then had to turn around and walk back the other way. The sun was low but still too strong to comfortably look straight ahead so I concentrated on the ground.

There were lots of people and lots of shadows but they were all a bit too confused and overlapping for good photography until this moment when things opened up a little and these six shadows angled towards me.

Although the walkers here are not perfectly level, walking in a line next to each other like this along one of these street markets is not the most convenient arrangement and it seems to me that only groups of friends (where everyone is equal) try to do it. Families are much more likely to be in a huddle usually with the young kids at the front and the father at the back. 

Photograph taken at “Saturday Walking Street”, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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