Thursday, December 13, 2012

“Stork Pose” Photograph

“Wanna buy a Rolex?”

Not really a “street” photograph but it was taken at a popular temple which has a large breeding colony of these openbill storks (the “openbill”, which is that gap between upper and lower mandibles that remains even when the bill is closed, apparently helps them to catch the large snails that they usually feed on).

Photograph taken at Wat (temple) Pailom in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand


  1. Does this mean the storks have returned to the temple after a period of absence? I remember the numbers there were dwindling.

    1. No, this is actually an old photograph taken a few years ago when there were lots of storks around. I went back there a few days ago and there were none at the temple. Still plenty in the area but none actually using the temple grounds like they used to in their tens of thousands. I am fairly sure they were encouraged to leave during the bird flu scare.