Friday, April 13, 2012

“Chelsea Fan” Photograph

The English Premier League (EPL) looms large amongst Thai sporting fans. It’s almost certainly the most widely followed sporting competition with the possible exception of Thai boxing. There is a rejuvenated Thai Premier League but it has a very small following in comparison, with the lack of interest mainly being due to the number of unknown foreign players!

Thailand’s streets are full of people in replica shirts from the EPL such as this Chelsea FC one. Although Manchester United and Liverpool are still the most popular clubs to support and Arsenal are quite big, Chelsea’s visit to play in Bangkok last year has boosted their support.

However, just because someone is wearing a football shirt here doesn’t necessarily mean they are a fan of that club. They might have gotten the shirt cheaply, or been given it, or maybe even just like the color.

Photograph taken at “Saturday Walking Street”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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