Monday, January 28, 2013

“Puppy Pen” Photograph

She gave the impression that she didn’t much care for her puppies. If one tried to climb out of the pen it was very roughly, almost aggressively, pushed back. She was bored and simply waiting for a sale.

Puppies like these don’t get the best start in life and therefore don’t aways make the best of pets but at this age their cuteness is a great hook to catch an impulse buy.

But what happens if they don’t sell? The older they get the less chance they have of being bought. Perhaps a few are saved to produce their own sellable offspring in heartless puppy farms but the evidence suggests that many will get dumped by the roadside or “donated” to a temple.

The "puppy mill" trade is callous, cynical and irresponsible. Please don’t support it.

Photograph taken at Victory Monument, Bangkok, Thailand 

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