Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Old Water Storage Jars Photo

I found this group of large water storage jars tucked away in the corner of a Bangkok temple. Still commonly used for their original purpose they are also often found as decorative house or garden ornaments, although the ones in this photograph appeared neglected and a little forlorn, as if waiting with open mouths for something to store.

Always a pleasing shape, to my eyes the older they get the more photogenic they become with weathering and staining adding new layers of pattern and texture.

Photograph taken at Laksi Temple, Bangkok, Thailand


  1. That has to be a vintage type of item. The value of each is probably high as well. It looks like those jars have distinctive designs and patterns which make them seem enveloped with mysteries from a distant past. I saw something like that used for water storage, and that one had a lid to cover it. Have you seen anything like that?

    1. Thailand is full of these types of jars, some much bigger than these and often with a lid but these days the lid is usually metal or maybe wood (to keep the water clean and prevent mosquitoes from breeding). Some must be very old like you say but a lot are still being made. I have no idea about the significance of the designs or their history - I'd love to find out more.