Friday, June 8, 2012

“Keep Your Head On” Photograph

Lost in his own thoughts this man’s gesture could mean many things. He might have just realised that he’d left the iron on at home or perhaps he’s checking his new haircut or it could be a nervous gesture during a conversation, for example. Seeing him at the time would have at least given a good idea of his underlying emotion although the reason behind it may have stayed hidden. But as a photograph it’s unclear.

Perhaps this means that something has been lost through the act of photography, which is true in part, but I prefer to look at it as opening up other possibilities that didn’t exist at the time.

Another possibility is that he’s thinking, “Good grief, it’s my sister’s birthday today and I haven’t sent her anything!”

Happy Birthday, Debs!

Photograph taken on “Saturday Walking Street”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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