Not Microstock

I earn my living through microstock (explanation below, pictures above) and what I am posting on this blog basically represents the image-making that I do for pleasure rather than for sale [having said that feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing/using any of my street photographs].

If anybody is interested in seeing my “real” work then try my portfolio here. You will find a few photographs and a lot of graphic artwork that is aimed at being useful for designers to incorporate into their own designs rather than as artworks in themselves.

Briefly, microstock is selling the use of images (photographs and graphics) under a Royalty Free license usually for a relatively small fee. The copyright is not sold. Good stock pictures can sell many, many times. Most microstock images are submitted by photographers/artists to websites such as Shutterstock, istockphoto, Dreamstime and Fotolia where designers and other buyers can search for and buy the use of imagery they need. This microstock industry is a divergent extension from the traditional stock photography industry and fills a niche created by the joint development of the internet and digital photography.

My street photographs are not microstock material for several reasons:

-       there are a lot of recognisable people in them who would have to give their permission by signing a model release form before the photograph could be used commercially and I’m not going to pester them to do that;
-       most good microstock images are based around clear concepts that, for example, could help to sell a product or illustrate an idea. These photos don’t do that;
-       microstock increasingly demands very high technical standards with perfect focus and lack of digital artifacts which allows the pictures to be used in media more demanding than the web. Many of these photos would struggle to meet those standards.

Most of my time is spent with microstock but it is just one style of image-making and I’m happy to have street photography to keep me from looking at everything through microstock eyes!


  1. Hello, I'm sorry to contact you on your personal blog, but I found your vector artwork on a website and I fell in love with your style and was wondering if you did any custom work. In the near future I am opening up a small dog walking business and loved the style of, but I dont plan on walking as many dogs at once, but would love to use something similar on my business cards/website! Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon

    - Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry, I don't do custom work. However, I could do another version of the file you mention with fewer dogs and put it for sale on Dreamstime and other microstock sites. I'm not promising but if you let me know any preferences such as number of dogs then I'll try and find time (maybe use instead of here).
      Yours, Adrian.

  2. Hi Adrian, I'm interested in using one of your photos from Shutterstock for a book cover an am wondering if you'd be able to also post a slight modification. Could you possibly remove the fisherman from "Stock illustration ID: 292255481 - Illustration of an angler in a wild landscape" and replace him with the deer from Stock vector ID: 283474406 - EPS8 editable vector illustration of a deer in a wild landscape with the animal as a separate object? Thank you for the great work! Bob